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Torrent Tent

There's a storm brewing outside your tent. It swept over the campsite in a matter of minutes. You can relax though. While your fellow campers are busy chasing their tents all over the campsite, you can sit back, safe, warm, and secure in your Torrent Tent

  • Choose from 4 sizes: 6x8, 8x10, 10x12, or 12x14.
  • Includes aluminum poles.
  • With 14 stakes, 3 poles, and 8 guy lines our Torrent Tent is our most secure and sturdy tent.
  • Made from our 7oz Army Duck Canvas, and treated with fire, mildew, and rain resistant Sunforger.
  • Easy to setup and easy to adjust, you'll be amazed how quick it is to put up.
  • You'll love the room in this tent with its tall angled walls, steeped corners, and front & side eaves, all excellent at keeping water away from the base of the tent.
  • Choose between No Floor or Sewn In Floor options. 
  • At a manageable weight of 24 pounds (6x8, larger sizes will be heavier), our Torrent Tents are easily half the weight of similar sized canvas tents. 

Choose from Standard, or Deluxe options. The Standard option includes one window and a screen door. For our Deluxe option we include the screen door, add another window, and include a vent in the top of the tent. Inspired by the Marquee Tents of the 1700's, the slight angle of the door and the 12" awning that covers it help to keep the weather out. We believe that the Torrent Tent truly is "The Perfect Pyramid."

*Thinking about a floor-less Torrent Tent? Be sure to check out our Detachable Torrent Tent Floor. Give us a call at 970-259-2050 for pole-less Torrent Tent options.

*Add a Stove Jack or a Cook Fly to our Torrent Tents.