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Cowboy Range Tent

Our Cowboy Range Tent will take you right back to your childhood on the ranch. Wind rustles the grass, horses whinny in the distance, your dad cooks a big pot of chili over an open fire…. Or not, maybe you never grew up on a ranch. It doesn’t matter, our Range Tent is the perfect light and easy canvas option for any adventure, which is why it has been a favorite with working cowboys for over 25 years.

  • Your choice of sizes: 8x8, 10x10, 12x12
  • Includes 2 aluminum poles, 5 stakes and 1 optional guy line, that keep this tent simple, light, and easy to set up.
  • Made from our 7oz Army Duck Canvas, and treated with mildew, fire, and rain resistant Sunforger, this tent is a hardy all-weather choice.
  • Choose to have your Range Tent built with an additional awning for even more protection from the elements.
  • Sewn in polyester-vinyl floor extends up the sidewall to help keep canvas, bedding, and belongings dry. 
  • Our 7oz Army Duck is excellent being left out in the sun, leave this tent out on the range all summer long.
  • Our Range Tents can be made without poles; a sturdy loop at the tip of the tent will let you hang it from a tree branch, and using 2-3 wooden poles/branches found at the location will give you a more traditional cowboy feel. 

Choose from our Standard, or Deluxe options. The Standard option comes with a screen door and a 2x3’ window. For our Deluxe option we include the screen door, increase the size of the window and add a vent at the top of the tent. At 24, 32, and 43 pounds with poles, (larger tents will weigh more) our Range Tents are lightweight canvas tents. All these features make the cowboy teepee inspired Range Tent the perfect choice for a small canvas tent.

*Add a Stove-Jack to our Range Tents.

*Call us at 970-259-2050 for basic/pole-less options or to have our Range Tent models made in our 10oz Army Duck Canvas (Ranch Teepee).