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Canvas Cavalry Bedroll

Imagine: The stars twinkle above you, wind rustles the trees, and you lie back on soft foam, snug in your sleeping bag, tucked into your rain resistant bedroll. It’s the best night’s sleep you’ve had in the outdoors for ages. You wake up alert and ready to go.

Our military-style Canvas Cavalry Bedroll is the perfect outdoor companion. Use it when camping in one of our canvas tents, use it outside, use it wherever, this weather resistant bedroll will keep you dry and warm all night long.

  • Your choice of Zippered or Lace-Up Bedroll.
  • Includes a foam pad insert for added comfort. 
  • Dimensions of 34” W x 7’ L x 9” T gives you plenty of room to get comfortable.
  • Made from our special 12.63 oz 'Army Duck' Canvas.
  • All of our Bedrolls are treated with Sunforger, to be resistant to fire, mildew, and water damage.
  • For outdoor use, each Bedroll includes a 3’ head flap, which may be pulled over your head to keep you dry in the rain.
  • Also choose from our line of Teton Sports Sleeping Bags to really make your Bedroll as comfortable as possible.

For a larger, more spacious choice, our zippered Wide Cavalry Bedroll features a 42” width, and our zippered Double Cavalry Bedroll features a 60” width, making it perfect for two people in our Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag. 

From fire fighters to the forestry department to contestants on Survivor Costa Rica, our Bedrolls are a terrific option for any expedition or adventure. At manageable weights, 15 pounds for our Zippered, 17 pounds for our Lace-Up and Wide, and 23 pounds for our Double, our Bedrolls are a great choice for cowboys, hunters and mountaineers alike.

*Call us at 970-259-2050 for options without the foam pad.