With over 25 years of experience we at Ellis Canvas Tents have developed the techniques and materials to make rugged, lightweight, and affordable canvas tents and bedrolls. Used by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, our handmade canvas tents and bedrolls are based on the knowledge we've gained through years of working with the most experienced outdoorsmen and working cowboys. 

All of our tents and bedrolls are handmade right here in Durango, Colorado. Making our products by hand allows us to pay close attention to every detail. We think you'll love our long-lasting, southwest inspired canvas tents.

Dave's Blog

Winter Is Coming! Grab Your Snow Fly! Quick!

October 01, 2015

Fall is officially here in sunny Colorado! The trees are already beginning to change, and that can only mean one thing: snow is on the way. You might be thinking that there’s no way that a canvas tent could survive the snow, but you’d be dead wrong. It all comes down to how prepared you are.  If you're planning to stay in a canvas tent through falling snow and freezing rain this winter, you should be prepared to do one of two things: heat the tent throughout the night, or use a Snow Fly. Keeping the tent warm throughout the night is an excellent way to ensure that you don’t wake up to a tent covered in snow, but if...

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Torrent Tent Setup Instructions.

September 28, 2015

Howdy folks, I'm here today to explain to you the quickest and most efficient way, I've found, to setup any of our Torrent Tents. Watch the quick 3 minute video and head over to the instructions page for a full video transcript and step-by-step explanation. Our Torrent Tents are the most spacious tents we offer, and are easily and quickly setup once you get the hang of them! Don't get put off by the 3 poles and 8 guy lines, these tents can go up in a flash! And once they're up, they sure aren't going anywhere, we've had these tents handle themselves just fine in 30mph winds and torrential rain! Stay tuned for next week's blog video. Ciao!  -Dave 

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