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Ellis Canvas Tents (formerly know as David Ellis Canvas Product) have handcrafted quality canvas tents and bedrolls for over 25 years. Our tents and bedrolls are the result of years of perfecting our designs by working with experienced outdoors-men, avid hunters, and working cowboys; from ranchers in Texas to the U.S. Forest Service. All of our lightweight canvas products are made right here in Durango, Colorado, from the smallest canvas Range Tent, to our Cavalry Bedroll, to our largest Wall Tents. 

Our tents and bedrolls are used all over the world by people who live, work, and play in the outdoors. We're proud to offer high quality, long lasting, handmade canvas goods, and we think you'll enjoy them as much as we do. 

Background & Design

The Southwest part of the United States is unique in the world. This is where the mountains meet the desert and elevations go from below sea level to over 14,000 ft. This unique and scenic environment makes for great ranching, hunting, camping and just plain old outdoor living. The key is you have to be ready for any and all conditions. We can have rain or blazing sun in the winter or snow in the middle of July. This environment calls for the best in its people and their equipment. That's where Ellis Canvas Tents comes into the picture. We live here and understand the needs of the environment and the people who go out into it on a regular basis in every condition you can imagine.

We didn't learn how to make the finest canvas products by accident. Close to us in Durango, Colorado there are over 40 licensed outfitters, we saw their needs and learned from them. We have perfected our craft through their experiences and through years of hard use and feedback. View our quality handmade canvas tents, and learn why you should buy your next Canvas Tent from Ellis Canvas Tents. 

What People Say About Our Products:

Expedition Portal - Gear Scout: Dave Ellis Torrent Tent

Dave Ellis has created one of the best canvas tents we have ever used. Robustly constructed and thoughtfully designed, it's no wonder his tents are so highly regarded. At a shade over $1000 for a 8x10 Torrent Tent, it's also a fantastic value...

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Dave's Blog

Comparison / Survey of 12' Range Tent Deluxe w/ Awning vs 10' Prairie Tent

July 28, 2016

David Ellis setts up two of his signature designs, a 12' Range Tent with awning and a 10' Prairie Tent for a side-by-side comparison review. Watch the video below to see how the unique design of our Prairie Tent can provide the same amount of living area as a larger Range Tent (traditional pyramid tent design). While, at the same time the Prairie Tent has a smaller foot print / base area compared to the larger size Range Tent.

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